About Globaldonation

Global Donation (GD) is an online donation exchange between users who share  similar believes of gaining financial freedom .( GD ) we are not a bank, we do not collect your money, we are not an online business, HYIP, investment, Loan or MLM program. GD is a community where people freely donate to each other. We provide you a technical and basic avenue, which helps millions of users worldwide to find those who are willing to donate and receive incentives



  1. Our main aim is to connect people globally through donation exchange, sharing has never been so interesting and life enrichment on this platform.
  2. We don’t promise getting rich or become a millionaire on our platform but one can be unbound from financial difficulties and that’s our main priority.
  3. To inspire people around the globe and help making a positive  and economic social change in their lives.
  4. Global Donation is committed to serve humanity by integrating resources for people in need. Recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity.
  5. GD Works to ensure equal opportunity to everyone, irrespective of race, gender, color, class, ethnicity, disability and location. You can donate and will get incentives in return 50% to 100% within 48hrs to maximum of 30 days. If you are willing to do so join us now